PMS Remedies

Chasteberry Edema, breast tenderness, irritability, constipation, depressed mood, anger, headache Dong quoi Painful menstruation, fatigue, low vitality. More effective when taken with black cohosh. Black Cohosh Irritability, sleep disturbances Chromium Stabilizes insulin and blood sugar; this helps with appetite regulation Calcium magnesium, and vitamin b6 Researched thoroughly--provides relief for pain, and general PMS symptoms. Chocolate … Continue reading PMS Remedies


My Favorite Health Products

Coconut oil This comes in oil form and in supplement form, for people who don't want to swallow spoonfuls of oil. Coconut oil has a variety of health properties, including helping to lower bad cholesterol, and disease fighting. I get into this more in a follow up post. Coconut oil is also great as a … Continue reading My Favorite Health Products

Essential Oils

have been researching essential oils for pain relief and natural muscle relaxers. I have a good friend from college who sells essential oil from Young Living. Sherry Knight Young Living Essential OilsI What has your experience been with essential oils? How effective have they been? I'm specifically thinking of trying peppermint oil, arnica oil, cypress … Continue reading Essential Oils